Meeting Room Snack & AV Menu

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Snacks and Beverages


  • Unlimited Popcorn– 4.95 pp   


  • Individual Prepackaged Chips or Pretzels– 4.95 each            


  • Individual Granola Bars– 3.95 each    


  • BYO Trail Mix– roasted peanuts, dried fruit, yogurt raisins, chocolate chunks, roasted almonds, banana chips and granola 9.00pp             

  • Prepackaged Trail Mix– 3.95 each

  • Fresh & Exotic Fruit Platter– fresh fruits and berries served with a strawberry yogurt dip 9.95pp 

  • Assorted Whole Fruit– 2.95 each

  • Assorted Bakery Breads & Pastries– fresh baked muffins and flaky Danish pastries 5.00pp  

  • Assorted Cookies or Brownies Platter– 38.00 per dozen       


  • Assorted Pepsi /Bubbly 12oz Cans– 4.00 each           


  • Bottled Water– 4.00 each      


  • Fresh brewed regular & decaf coffee and tea station, by the gallon- $39.00 / gallon      


AV Menu


  • 32 Inch TV-$200 for entire event       


  • Easels available upon advanced request (no charge)            

  • HDMI cords available upon advanced request (no charge)