Mike Pressler

Head Coach

Men's Lacrosse Coach


“I’d forgotten that men like Mike Pressler still exist. Guys who still believe in loyalty, trust, and patience. Guys who swallow pain and hurt to protect their friends and family. Guys who don’t sell out to save a job or make a buck.” Bill Stump from the 2008 article “Convicted without a trial” that appeared in Men’s Health Magazine.


Mike is no stranger to crisis, view this 60 Minutes episode about the Duke lacrosse scandal or read his book It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered.


In crisis-filled times like these, we look to individuals who can help us make sense of it all.  We lean on others and offer ourselves up for others to lean on.  It can help when we get a chance to learn from someone who has a proven track record of leading through the worst of times and turning them into the best of times.  This perspective is what Coach Mike Pressler is going to offer us on the morning of Thursday, November 5th, during the 2020 E2E Summit. 


He is going to share lessons learned from the past that have shaped his approach to crisis leadership for the right here and now.


We lean on our faith, family, and friends and it never hurts to get back in the locker room, check your ego at the door, and have a chance to listen to a Coach’s wisdom and candor as he challenges you to think about who is controlling the outcome . . .  you or your situation. 

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